Oct 27, 2011 · 2003 Ford Focus: front wheel bearing..hydraulic..it be driven - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic ... remove the lower ball joint pinch bolt and tap the knuckle up ...
Ball joints are the hardest working suspension part. They move up and down with every bump and swivel The front, lower ball joints have the toughest job because they must rotate while supporting the The new ball joints can be bolted in or attached with bolts whose heads look like rivet heads.
consequence loose pinch bolts could exhibit noise, vibration and, in extreme cases if left uncorrected, separation of the joint or fracture of the ball joint stud, increasing the risk of a crash....
The front suspension has no major problems or design flaws. 2000-2001 models were recalled for the a problem with the ball joint stud pinch bolt. Also, Ford issued two TSBs on inspecting the front suspension and re-torquing of the components.
Installing a ball joint with a pinch bolt calls for some extra attention. In this instructive video, Master Technician Dave Cerveny of Garage Gurus Dave's insider tips will help you line up the steering knuckle on the ball joint. Use this technique next time you're installing a ball joint with a pinch bolt...
Ford Focus 2006, Front Non-Adjustable Lower Pinch Bolt Ball Joint by MAS®. Quantity: 1 per Pack. Swap out your worn out ball joints and components to bring your chassis back to its like-new condition, enabling smooth vehicle handling...
Replacement Bolt Kit - Skunk2 Ball Joint...
I need to replace one of the lower ball joints on a 2011 Sedona EX. Is that correct? Also, does anyone know the torque specs for the three mounting nuts (two of which do not have bolt heads) and the pinch bolt?Spindle Pinch Bolt and Nut (3) ... Suspension Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly (2398) ... Ford:Focus(2008-2011) $50.38 CAD. More Info.
The lower ball joint is loacted by a two-piece lower arm (yellow) like we saw in front. The toe-link (green) is longer in order to dial in a smidge of stabilizing rear toe-in when the suspension ...
Meanwhile, the new ball joint (a Beck/Arnley) didn't come with a replacement pinch bolt. Does anyone have a part number, or the specs so I can see if a local hardware store has When I replaced the ball joints on my on my 08 Outback I went with MOOG K9513 because it came with a replacement bolt.
5) Remove steering knuckle pinch bolt with 18mm socket on the nut and 15mm socket to hold the 3) Insert the ball joint into the steering knuckle by lifting the brake assembly up and pushing the arm Ford, ford mustang, mustang gt, svt cobra, mach 1 mustang, shelby gt 500...
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Ball joints. TRES76. Member. 1993 ford aerostar. Remove the wheel and tire assembly. Remove spindle pinch bolt and nut. NOTE: Secure the spindle from tilting.ball joint nut: 25 (34) ball joint pinch bolt: justy: 25-33 (34-45) xt: 47-61 (64-83) all others: 28-37 (38-50) brake caliper bolt: justy: 31-46 (42-62) all others: 33-40 (45-54) shock absorber lower bolt: 65-87 (88-118) strut-to-steering knuckle bolt impreza, legacy: 97-120 (132-162) justy: 25-33 (34-44) loyale: 28-37 (38-50)
Bolt In: Ball Joint Stud Type: Pinch: ... Right Ball Joints for Ford Focus, Front Ball Joints for Ford Focus, Energy Suspension Front Control Arms & Parts for Ford Focus,
Oddly the knuckle pinch bolt was a breeze for me, impact gun made quick work of removing the nut and while it was a bit of a bear to remove the bolt came out in quick order with a soak of PB, then I threaded the nut on flush to the end of the bolt and rapped it hard with a ball peen hammer.
OK, so we all know that doing CV joints suck mostly due to the damn pinch bolt (the one keeping the upper control arms I just start on a bad CV joint on the passenger side of my '02 A6 3.0L. I have read about a zillion posts on the subject...
brake caliper bolt (probe) 58-72 (79-98) control arm-to-knuckle nut: sable & taurus: 40-55 (54-75) all others: 37-44 (50-60) crossmember-to-frame bolt escort & tracer: 47-66 (64-89) crossmember-to-transaxle bolt escort & tracer: 27-38 (37-52) intermediate shaft bearing bolt: 16-23 (22-31) lower ball joint pinch bolt
2000-2004 Ford Focus Duraflex Poison Front Bumper Cover - 1 Piece (Overstock) Brand:Duraflex Kit Material:FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics) Vehicle Make:Ford Vehicle Model:Focu
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SHIMANO HOLLOWTECH II PINCH BOLT. The Shimano Hollowtech II Pinch Bolt is a replacement crankarm pinch bolt for select Shimano Hollowtech II (outboard bearing) cranksets. It will work on both road and mountain style cranksets by Shimano. While it might be rare that you lose or break your...
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4 Remove the strut pinch bolt and lower ball joint pinch bolt using a wrench. Pry down on the lower control arm using the pry bar and slip the lower ball joint from the steering knuckle. Tap the steering knuckle off the strut using a hammer, and slide the steering knuckle off the axle. Place the steering knuckle in the hydraulic press.
Displaying Parts for 2007 Ford Focus SES 2.0L L4. Home ⁄ Ford ⁄ 2007 ⁄ Focus ⁄ SES ⁄ 2.0L L4 ⁄ Suspension ⁄ Suspension, Springs And Related Components ⁄ Suspension Control Arm And Ball Joint Assembly
Dorman Products - CB85263 : Suspension Control Arm. This suspension control arm and ball joint assembly is a direct replacement for the original equipment on specific vehicle applications. An industry-leading evaluation process ensures a smooth ride, directional stability and predictable dynamics.
Install the three ball joint bolts and nuts as shown on the instruction sheet in the ball joint kit, then tighten the bolts to specifications. Position the ball joint stud through the steering knuckle. Fasten the ball joint-to-steering knuckle nut to 41-50 ft. lbs. (56-68 Nm). Install a new cotter pin to the ball joint castellated nut.
Focus 2004.75 (07.2004-) > Ford Workshop Manuals > Mechanical Repairs > 2 Chassis > 211 Steering System > 211-00 Steering System - General Information > Diagnosis and Testing > Steering System
Wheel bolts and nuts, which are also known as lug nuts, fulfil a crucial role in your car: keeping the wheels on! Available in a variety of shapes and sizes for different vehicles, these simple components ensure your wheels stay securely attached mile after mile.
Comline Ball Joints are built to last with components that are rigorously tested for performance and durability. Built for strength and designed to cope with the demands of modern motoring, Comline Ball Joints offer superb static and dynamic load bearing capabilities.
Ford has recalled certain 2000-2001 Focus vehicles because the lower control arm pinch bolts may be loose. In extreme cases, this can cause separation of the ball joint, which greatly increases the risk of a crash. Dealers will inspect the pinch bolts and torque them appropriately.
Apr 26, 2020 · -Strut / knuckle bolts-Pinch bolt for the ball joint-Ring gear bolts-Axle nut-Control arm bolts Also replace the clutch slave cylinder while you're in there (and clutch if you feel its necessary). I've never seen to replace the case bolts, they arent TTY.
Reinstall the lower ball joint and tighten the pinch bolt to 37 ft pounds, then reconnect the tie-rod end and tighten the nut to 35 ft pounds. Step 13 Reattach the brake caliper using a socket and ratchet, then screw the hub nut on the shaft.
Focus RS Garage. Focus RS Suspension. If using lowering springs use adjustable endlinks
Color of the interior might be a little bit awckward with only tint of beige but its the only thing bad i have to say about the model. I like Ford alot and will probably go for another focus when that one gave up on us. If you are wondering if a old Ford Focus is the ride for you just remember this. Its reliable even after 17 years.
It was suggested that the pinch bolt for the ball joint is not tight enough. That actually makes sense. Question, if I went ahead and got a 60 mm bolt would it be safe to secure it on the other end with a nut and lock washer? I really do not see the need to replace the steering knuckle since this is...
Loose pinch bolts could exhibit noise, vibration and, in extreme cases if left uncorrected, separation of the joint or fracture of the ball joint stud, increasing the risk of a crash. Corrective action: Dealers will inspect the steering knuckle pinch bolt for tightness and correct as necessary. Owner notification began february 10, 2003.
See message #78. Took 2001 wagon back for front ball joint pinch bolt recall and mentioned that rattle in rear still present from last May. They again changed shocks and wanted to charge me but I refused to pay as I knew that would not solve the problem. And it didn't! In fact it's worse.
Ball Joint / Track Rod End Boot Kits ... Ford Focus Rear Trailing Arm - SH2015-045 ... Renault Suspension Arm Pinch Bolt - SH2013-024 - 9-May-13.
Jul 14, 2020 · Position the new strut in the undercarriage, and set the dial on the torque wrench to 76 nm (56 foot lb). Tighten the lower mounting bolt until the wrench gives. Reattach the upper control links and torque the bolt to 40.7 nm (30 foot lb). Torque the ball-joint nut to 100 nm (74 foot lb).
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loose pinch bolts could exhibit noise, vibration and, in extreme cases if left uncorrected, separation of the joint or fracture of the ball joint stud, increasing the risk of a crash.
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